What is Chakshu: Fraud Reporting Portal by GOI

Rahul Maheshwari
2 min readMar 11, 2024
Fraud Reporting Portal by GOI
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The Chakshu portal has been developed under the Sanchar Saathi Initiative. It serves as a Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP) that integrates with Sanchar Saathi. Stakeholders can take quick action on reported numbers, messages, and other fraudulent communications. Users can complain about fraudulent calls, messages, and other forms of communication through this platform. Additionally, complaints related to bank accounts, payment wallets, and SIM cards can also be made.

How Does Chakshu Work?

Users can report mobile numbers and messages used for fake calls. The government can then take appropriate action against these fraudulent activities.

How to Use Chakshu

  • Visit the official website: Chakshu Portal.
  • Click on the Chakshu option under Citizen Centric Services.
  • Read the disclaimer and proceed to report.
  • Fill in details such as category, time of fraud communication, etc.
  • Enter your personal details and the OTP provided.

Your complaint about fake communication will be registered.

Types of Concerns You Can Report

Unknown calls received on your mobile number to block and locate lost or stolen mobile handsets to verify the authenticity of a smartphone (whether it’s new or used).

The Chakshu portal aims to enhance security and protect citizens from online fraud. Kudos to the government for taking proactive steps.

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