Twitter’s Rebrand to “X” Causes Scam Alerts on Microsoft Edge

Rahul Maheshwari
2 min readAug 1, 2023
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Twitter’s recent decision to rebrand itself as “X” has raised concerns among Microsoft Edge users as they reported encountering scam alerts while trying to access the platform. The unexpected name change has led to confusion and potential security risks for some users.

According to reports, Microsoft Edge’s SmartScreen feature flagged the new “X” website as a potentially malicious site, triggering scam warnings and advising users not to proceed further. This has caused frustration and anxiety among users who were expecting to access Twitter but were met with security warnings instead.

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The rebranding move by Twitter to “X” was announced without much prior notice or explanation, leaving many users bewildered and skeptical about the legitimacy of the new website. The lack of communication and official statements from Twitter further fueled concerns, leading to speculations about potential phishing attempts and cyber threats.

While some users have managed to access the “X” website without any issues, others have experienced persistent scam alerts, hindering their ability to use the platform seamlessly. Microsoft Edge users, in particular, have been advised to exercise caution and refrain from sharing sensitive information until the situation is clarified.

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In response to the situation, cybersecurity experts have urged Twitter to provide clear explanations and official communications regarding the rebranding and any potential security risks associated with the new name. Transparency and proactive measures are essential to rebuild trust among users and prevent misinformation from spreading.

As of now, Twitter has not officially addressed the scam alert reports or provided a timeline for resolving the issue. Users are advised to stay vigilant and rely on trustworthy sources for updates on the “X” rebrand and its potential implications for security and privacy.



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