Tinder’s new high-end plan [Tinder Select] Promises Enhanced Matching Experience

Rahul Maheshwari
3 min readSep 26, 2023
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In a bid to revolutionize the world of online dating, Tinder has recently introduced a high-end subscription plan aimed at boosting users’ chances of connecting with the most sought-after profiles on the platform. This groundbreaking feature allows subscribers to send messages to individuals they have not matched with, offering a potential game-changer in the world of digital dating.

Tinder’s latest revelation, a monthly subscription called Tinder Select, priced at $499, was unveiled on Friday, as reported by Bloomberg. Under this premium offering, subscribers gain the ability to initiate conversations with individuals outside of their established matches, and profiles belonging to the platform’s “most sought-after” users will be prominently featured. It’s important to note that Tinder has opted to make this exclusive plan accessible to a mere fraction of its user base, specifically less than 1 percent, focusing on those it deems “extremely active.” The availability of Tinder Select will be rolled out gradually and made accessible through a selective application process.

“We recognize the presence of a subset of users who are exceptionally engaged and active, and who place a premium on more streamlined and productive methods for forging meaningful connections,” said Mark Van Ryswyk, Chief Product Officer of Tinder. As a result, over the previous few months, we carried out extensive testing and obtained insightful input from this specific audience, which allowed us to develop an entirely new and original service.

For those chosen to apply, they will be required to fulfill Tinder’s “5-point Select Screen” criteria. This entails having a profile that incorporates a verified photo, a written bio, a listing of five interests, a minimum of four images, and clear indications regarding the type of relationship they are seeking. Upon approval of their application, these members will be granted the privilege of displaying an exclusive Select badge on their profile. Similar to Twitter’s feature allowing users to conceal their blue checkmark, Select members will also have the option to hide their badge, should they prefer not to disclose that they have subscribed to the premium tier package.

This new membership program is being launched more than a year after Match Group purchased The League, a niche dating app for “ambitious, career-focused singles.” For access to The League’s premium services, users may pay up to $1,000 a week.

The triumph of The League served as an inspiration for Tinder Select. However, The League sets itself apart by employing real human matchmakers, not solely relying on algorithms. This personalized approach might make it easier for subscribers to rationalize its premium pricing. On the contrary, Tinder Select enhances its existing three plans, which commence at $24.99 per month. One of the enhancements offered by Select includes heightened visibility, especially among the platform’s “most sought-after” users. Additionally, Tinder Select profiles will remain unblurred in another user’s “Likes You” grid, even if that individual has not subscribed to a Gold or Platinum membership.

Additionally, Tinder Select members have the option to send up to two weekly direct messages to users they haven’t yet matched with. It’s important to note, though, that the company’s website notes that certain receivers have the choice to reject these messages. For a monthly charge of just $29.99, Platinum members also already have the option of messaging potential matches before creating a mutual match.

Nevertheless, Match Group executives harbor strong expectations for the potential success of Tinder Select. During a recent Citi conference, Match Group President Gary Swidler expressed his confidence that the Tinder Select subscription, which could amount to $6,000 annually for a user, will exert a considerable influence on the company’s revenue.

As of right now, Tinder Select’s exclusivity and the allure of improving one’s chances of meeting the most sought-after users on the network seem to be its main draws.



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