TikTok’s Global Stage: Unveiling an Epic Livestream Music Showdown

Rahul Maheshwari
3 min readAug 8, 2023


TikTok, the popular short-form video platform, is set to launch an exciting new initiative — a livestream music competition that aims to engage users in a unique way while promoting emerging musical talent. This move aligns with TikTok’s constant efforts to expand its content offerings and foster TikTok engagement.

TikTok has unveiled its plans to organize a music competition reminiscent of well-known talent shows such as The Voice, as officially announced today. The event, named “Gimme the Mic,” is scheduled to take place on TikTok’s livestream platform, featuring an innovative twist where fans can actively participate by casting live votes for their favorite contestants during the competition.

Image Credits : TikTok

Divided into three distinct stages — auditions, semifinals, and the grand finale — the competition’s journey kicks off immediately. Emerging talents can now share their 30-second audition video by incorporating the #GIMMETHEMIC hashtag. As the curtain rises on the semifinal phase, the chosen top 30 entries will engage in captivating duets during a livestreamed showcase. The audience participating in the live stream will wield the power to cast their votes, propelling their favored performers forward. Finally, on September 10th, the US finale will take center stage, spotlighting the finest 10 contestants. The chosen victor from this event will earn the chance to contend in a global showdown, pitting their talents against winners hailing from diverse corners of the world.

Over the past few years, TikTok has established itself as a powerful catalyst for music success. Former hits experience a resurgence on Billboard charts, while brief excerpts of songs from lesser-known artists make their mark in popular culture. The Gimme the Mic competition stands as a potential avenue for musicians to achieve recognition. However, the initial rewards for winning the contest seem less than impressive, to say the least.

Securing victory in the US competition will earn the champion 50,000 “Diamonds,” TikTok’s native currency, which can be converted and withdrawn as real money. However, the challenge arises as TikTok remains tight-lipped about the precise monetary equivalent of 50,000 Diamonds in USD. Past approximations from influencer platforms suggest a value of approximately $0.05 per Diamond, which would equate to a prize of roughly $2,500. Despite inquiries from The Verge, TikTok has refrained from disclosing the specific current conversion rates.

Ordinarily, TikTok retains 50 percent of the earnings generated by creators through in-app gifts. However, according to spokesperson Zachary Kizer’s statement to The Verge, the winnings from competitions will be exempt from this deduction.

Over the past months, TikTok has been directing its efforts into enhancing its livestreaming infrastructure, particularly for events that rely on real-time audience engagement. In February, the company unveiled a lineup of live trivia games, reminiscent of the approach taken by HQ Trivia in the past, even though the latter eventually faced setbacks. Additionally, TikTok has consistently introduced a range of tools for content creators to amplify their livestreaming capabilities, including more nuanced control over the audience that can access their streams.

Overall, TikTok’s livestream music competition marks a significant step in the platform’s evolution, as it expands its content offerings beyond short videos and dives deeper into the realm of live entertainment and music discovery. By providing a stage for up-and-coming artists to shine and engaging its massive user base in an interactive way, TikTok continues to shape the landscape of online entertainment and community engagement.



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