TikTok Features and How to Make the Most Out of It

Rahul Maheshwari
5 min readSep 12, 2022

Just another lip-sync application for the new-age influencers? TikTok might not be just what people call it but more to the people who access it on a daily basis. The application is primarily used to create short length videos ranging between 5 seconds to 3 minutes. These videos can be edited in the application. Users have the convenience to use the application’s music library as well as fun stickers and effects while editing to make the video all the more appealing to their audience.

TikTok Features

The application is nothing different from other social media applications. Its features resemble that of YouTube to some extent but what makes TikTok different is its fancy approach and advanced features. These features have made TikTok fans’ favorite and go to places to create videos. Some of the most basic features of TikTok include — Video Sharing, Video Uploading, Effects, Sharing and getting liked, new filters, and getting monetized.

Looking for more? TikTok definitely has more in store than just the basics. It is fancied among the young users for its advanced features and a more interactive approach. The following features segregates TikTok from its counter applications.

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● Duet Videos

Duet Feature is probably the backbone of this application because TikTok is used the most to create Duet videos. You must have seen 2 people standing side by side lip syncing (most of the time) any song or dialogue. Even though the feature seems quite a hard nut to crack, it is an easy task. Find out how to create duet videos on TikTok.


● TikTok Music

Your own giant library of music. Sounds like the best idea! Does it not? TikTok has a music library for the creators. You can simply add any music as per your requirement. In addition the application also allows you to create your own sound. Wondering how? Let us tell you how to create a sound on your TikTok video.

● Stitch Video

Only a public account can do that. Stitch video refers to allowing any creator to use a part of your video with their own creation. This tool gives the creator a liberty to combine each other’s videos. Learn how to stitch videos on TikTok.


● Borrowing an effect from TikTok creator

You can use any effect by tapping on the effect option available at the bottom of the screen when you start creating your videos. In addition you can also share your effect by sharing the QR code or link of the effect. How easy could this get!

● Sending video Replies on TikTok

You can send a reply to any of the comments with a video when on TikTok. This feature allowed users to be more expressive about their views. Wondering how to send that reply? You can simply tap the comment you wish to reply to and click on the record button to record your video and press send.


How to Use TikTok Stories

Creating a TikTok story is the same as creating a TikTok. You can simply record the video then while uploading make the decision whether that article should be your TikTok or video. Using a TikTok story can be a new experience as it allows the user to interact with viewers just like a post does.

How to Make The Most Out of TikTok Features

Video Replies can attract more interaction. The feature which enables replying to comments through video can make the interaction more fun and appeal to audiences.

Duet features will help you collaborate. You can make duet videos with other popular channels and drive their audience to your videos.

Stitching allows you to be viewed in other videos. This feature can increase your visibility. What is so bad about being visible in other people’s videos, right!

The Q&A feature to interact with the audience. TikTok provides its creators to interact with the audience on a one on one basis which is critical for getting engagement.

Trending filters and effects are also crucial. Creating effects that are on the roll can be a tool to drive audience engagement and traffic.


Young audience has been on the edge of making complete utilization of the application. Just like any other social media platform, TikTok is giving people a chance to grab limelight and make money just by doing nothing or almost nothing. After its sudden exit from the market after following data controversies, the application is returning with a bang and we thought you should know beforehand about its important features so that you do not come out as a laggard but an efficient adopter.



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