Meta’s Global Rollout of Instagram Channels: Revolutionizing Broadcasting for All

Rahul Maheshwari
2 min readJul 4, 2023


Meta’s global rollout of Instagram channels

Instagram’s Channels feature for broadcasting messages is now being rolled out globally, according to an announcement by Meta, the parent company of Instagram. Previously, this feature was only available to selected creators and users, but now it is being rolled out for everyone. While some people are getting this feature instantly, other accounts will take time to receive it, just like any other new feature of Instagram.

In the announcement made by Mark Zuckerberg on his own channel, he recommended several channels that users can explore, including the International Cricket Council (ICC), Director Karen X. Cheng, influencer Michael Le, and Artist Daniel Arsham. Mark Zuckerberg on Instagram Launching Instagram Channels

The Channels feature was initially launched for Instagram in February 2023, allowing creators to share one-to-many messages with their fans. In May 2023, Instagram introduced support for collaborators on Channels, which enabled Zuckerberg to have a conversation with Adam Mosseri on his channel.

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To find channels to join, users can visit the Direct Message (DM) section and look for the “Suggested channels” section. Instagram states that these suggestions are based on users’ interests, interactions with creators, and overall activity on the platform. Additionally, users can also search for broadcast channels directly within the DM section.

Meta has mentioned that it is currently testing question prompts for followers, as well as a dedicated channels tab in the inbox. They are also experimenting with various tools for creators, such as setting channel expiration dates and times, adding moderators to assist with member management, and sharing links or previews to Stories.

It’s worth noting that Meta has recently introduced the Channels feature on WhatsApp as well. However, the purpose of Channels on WhatsApp, initially launched in Colombia and Singapore with selected partners, is to provide a platform for local and global authorities and agencies to connect with people. Introducing WhatsApp Channels

With the global rollout of Instagram’s Channels feature, creators and users worldwide can now engage with their audience on a broader scale, fostering more interactive and dynamic conversations. These enhancements demonstrate Meta’s commitment to providing innovative tools for content creators and facilitating meaningful connections between users and their favorite channels.

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