Linkedin’s Latest Algorithm Update: All You Need to Know

Rahul Maheshwari
2 min readMar 14, 2024
Linkedin’s Latest Algorithm Update
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LinkedIn has updated its feed algorithm, bringing a bunch of new insights that can change how you use the platform. This article breaks down these changes to help you figure out how to use the new algorithm and make the most of your time on LinkedIn. Whether you’ve been using LinkedIn for years or you’re just starting out, knowing about these updates can help you get the most out of your experience.

Here are some insightful quotes from experts regarding LinkedIn’s recent algorithm update:

LinkedIn’s algorithm is specifically designed to prevent content from going viral. It’s about sharing knowledge and updates with people who care about that information and can use it to advance their careers.” — Christina Newberry

The LinkedIn algorithm is a program created to put engaging posts in front of users, ensuring that each LinkedIn user sees the most relevant content to them at the top of their feed.” — Brent Barnhart

When things go viral on LinkedIn, usually that’s a sign to us that we need to look into this, because that’s not celebrated internally. So what is celebrated? That answer has changed over the past several months, as LinkedIn made significant updates to the way its feed works.” — Dan Roth, LinkedIn’s Editor in Chief

What has changed in this new LinkedIn’s algorithm update?

  • Enhanced Engagement Focus

The new algorithm prioritizes content that sparks conversations and engagement among users. It’s a move that encourages authentic dialogue and shared insights, steering away from passive content consumption.

  • Content Quality Over Quantity

Quality reigns supreme in the updated LinkedIn feed. The platform aims to surface content that is not only relevant but also adds value to the professional community. This shift underscores the importance of thoughtful, well-crafted posts.

  • Personalized User Experience

LinkedIn’s algorithm now takes a more personalized approach to content curation. By analyzing user behavior and preferences, the feed becomes a tailored experience, ensuring that each scroll brings forth content that resonates on a personal level.

  • Strategic Implications for Users

For individuals and businesses alike, these updates signal a need to adapt strategies. Engaging with your network, sharing expertise, and participating in discussions are key to maintaining visibility and influence on LinkedIn.

The essence of LinkedIn remains unchanged: a platform dedicated to the professional pulse of industries worldwide.



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