How To Get Demonetized on YouTube: A Playful Guide

Rahul Maheshwari
3 min readJun 11, 2023


How to get demonetized on youtube
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Greetings, aspiring YouTubers! Have you ever dreamt of joining the elite ranks of content creators who are fortunate enough to have their hard work and creativity mercilessly demonetized on YouTube? Well, fret not, Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for an adventure filled with sarcasm, fun, and a complete disregard for YouTube’s monetization policies!

1. Embrace Controversial Topics with Open Arms

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If you’re aiming to get demonetized in record time, tackling controversial subjects is an absolute must. Nothing gets YouTube’s attention faster than diving headfirst into sensitive topics like politics, religion, or conspiracy theories. Remember, the goal is not to foster healthy discussion or provide insightful analysis but rather to stir the pot as recklessly as possible. The more you offend, the better your chances of getting demonetized!

2. Excessive Use of Profanity

Ah, the beauty of colorful language! YouTube’s guidelines frown upon excessive profanity, so it’s time to get creative. Sprinkle your videos with a liberal dose of bleeped-out words, or better yet, invent your own profane vocabulary. Remember, it’s not about expressing yourself; it’s about racking up those demonetization strikes!

3. Clickbait Like There’s No Tomorrow

Mastering the art of clickbait is an essential skill for any aspiring demonetized YouTuber. Craft misleading titles and thumbnails that promise the world but deliver nothing. Remember, the more misleading, outrageous, and downright ridiculous your clickbait is, the more likely YouTube’s algorithm will see through your shenanigans and slap you with a well-deserved demonetization badge.

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4. Create Inappropriate Content for All Ages

Want to guarantee demonetization? Target a young audience with content that is explicitly inappropriate for their age group. Whether it’s through crude humor, explicit imagery, or questionable activities, make sure to leave a lasting impression on the young minds out there. Parents will thank you, YouTube will not.

Plagiarism Is the Name of the Game

Why bother with original content when you can just copy and paste someone else’s hard work? Plagiarism is a surefire way to lose your monetization privileges. So go ahead, steal those videos, scripts, and ideas with reckless abandon. After all, who needs originality when you can get demonetized instead?


As we conclude this tongue-in-cheek guide on how to get demonetized on YouTube, we must emphasize the importance of recognizing sarcasm and the need to abide by YouTube’s community guidelines. The purpose of this article is to highlight the absurdity of intentionally aiming for demonetization rather than creating meaningful, engaging content that abides by the rules.

Use this article as a light-hearted reminder of what not to do, and instead, focus on building a channel that resonates with viewers while staying within the confines of YouTube’s monetization policies. Good luck, and may the demonetization odds be never in your favor!



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