Clubhouse Launches Payments So Influencers Can Monetize Their Content

Rahul Maheshwari
2 min readSep 22, 2022
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Clubhouse, a 2-year-old social audio app reportedly valued at $4 billion, will allow users to send money to their favourite creators or speakers on the platform. In a blog post, the owners announced the new feature for monetization, Clubhouse Payments, as “the first of many features that allow creators to get paid directly on Clubhouse.”

Clubhouse said the entire payment would go to the creator, and it will not take any transaction cut. Stripe will charge a minor card processing fee to the user sending the payment.

Here’s how it will work: A user can send a payment in Clubhouse by going to the creator’s profile to whom they want to give money. If the creator has the feature enabled, the user can tap “Send Money” and enter an amount. It’s like a virtual tip jar or a Clubhouse-branded interpretation of Venmo. Clubhouse’s payments feature will first be experimented with by a “small test group”, but it is undefined who is in this group. Eventually, the payments segment will be rolled out to other users in waves.

Why choose Clubhouse?

No longer confidential, the invite-only social app has amassed an impressive 8+ million mobile downloads. And just like any emerging social media platform, users are wondering how to monetize Clubhouse before the gold rush.

The initial challenge is getting an invite for those who aren’t yet on Clubhouse. But once clearing that hurdle, more users than ever are focused on monetization: getting ahead of the curve, consistently engaging and positioning themselves to be “everywhere” when the rest of the market catches up.

Clubhouse Statistics: Earnings, Users & More (2022):

1. This app was first released on iOS in the year 2020.

2. The Co-founders of Clubhouse has also founded other startups.

3. Last funding round valued the Clubhouse app at $4 billion.

4. In January 2022, Clubhouse ranked #12 in Social Networking on the App Store.

5. Clubhouse has been downloaded moran than 30 million worldwide.

6. Clubhouse’s first-ever creator was Sheel Mohnot.

7. The app has 10 million weekly active users, up from 600K in December 2020

Is Clubhouse beneficial?

Since Clubhouse is free to use only once you get an invite, it can be beneficial for no investment beyond your time. Even better, unlike Instagram, TikTok and Youtube monetization, Clubhouse is entirely about the quality of your ideas. You don’t need to worry about putting together a flashy display without a visual element.

Clubhouse Payments puts the new social network ahead of the game, but it will only be a matter before others try to follow suit.

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