5 Social Networks You Haven’t Heard of but Are Just as Good

Rahul Maheshwari
4 min readJun 12, 2024


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Explore 5 less-known social networks you haven’t heard of but are equally great. Learn what makes each platform special and how they stand out from mainstream options.

1. Partiful

What is Partiful?

Partiful is like the ultimate party planner’s dream come true. It’s a social network specifically designed to make event planning a breeze. Imagine having all your event details, guest lists, and RSVPs in one place.

Why It’s Awesome

Partiful makes organizing events super simple. You can create beautiful event pages, send invites, and track RSVPs all within the app. It’s perfect for anything from casual get-togethers to big parties. Plus, it’s very user-friendly.

2. Clubhouse

Clubhouse — Drop-In Audio Chat
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What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social network based on voice conversations. It’s like listening to live podcasts where you can jump in and participate. Users can create “rooms” on various topics and invite others to join the conversation.

Why It’s Awesome

Clubhouse offers a unique way to connect with people through live audio. It’s like attending a conference or a talk show, but from the comfort of your home. You can follow your interests and join discussions on a wide range of topics, from tech to art to personal development.

Quote from a User:

Clubhouse has opened up a whole new world of networking and learning for me. The live discussions are incredibly engaging.” — Tom H., 24.

3. Threads

Threads is Meta’s text-based Twitter rival.
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What is Threads?

Who hasn’t heard about Threads? It is a social network focused on close-knit conversations. Think of it as a more intimate version of X/Twitter, where you can share thoughts and updates with a select group of friends or colleagues. Well, Threads was launched to compete against X app. Sadly, it didn’t work out.

Why It’s Awesome

Threads app allows for meaningful interactions without the noise of larger social media platforms. It’s perfect for maintaining a close connection with your inner circle. The app’s interface is clean and straightforward, making it easy to stay in touch.

4. WeAre8

App that gives back and turn your time on social media into positive impact on your community.
Credits : WeAre8

What is WeAre8?

WeAre8 is a social network with a mission. It’s all about positivity and making a difference. Users are encouraged to share uplifting content and support causes they care about.

Why It’s Awesome

This platform isn’t just about connecting people; it’s about creating a positive impact. Users can earn money by watching ads and donating it to charity. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

5. Lemon8

Lemon8 is a new social media app created by ByteDance, the creators of the wildly popular TikTok app. Designed to be a lifestyle app, Lemon8 is like a mixture of Instagram and Pinterest. It’s photo-heavy but allows users to share recipes, outfits, travel guides, and more.
Pciture Credits : Insider

What is Lemon8?

Lemon8 is like a visual paradise for creatives. It’s a platform where artists, designers, and anyone who loves aesthetics can share their work and get inspired.

Why It’s Awesome

If you love Instagram for its visual appeal, you’ll adore Lemon8. It’s packed with stunning visuals and creative content. The community is supportive and inspiring, making it a great place for anyone who loves art and design.



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