25 Popular Hashtags on Instagram: Trends and Insights

Rahul Maheshwari
4 min readMar 16, 2024
Popular Hashtags on Instagram
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If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram, you’ve probably seen those little # symbols everywhere.

Hashtags categorize content, making it easier for users to find posts that align with their interests. Whether it’s #foodie, #fitness, or #fashion, hashtags act as signposts guiding users to content they’re passionate about.

Why Hashtags Matter on Instagram ?

They’re like labels that help organize content. When you add a hashtag to your post, you’re essentially tagging it with a topic or theme. This makes it easier for people interested in that topic to find your post, even if they don’t follow you. Just like a pinch of spice can transform a dish, the right hashtags can improve your Instagram experience.

How Hashtags Boost Your Posts ?

Using hashtags can give your posts a serious boost. They help your content get noticed by more people, increasing your chances of likes, comments, and followers. Plus, they can help you connect with like-minded individuals and build a community around your interests.

Tips for Using Hashtags Effectively

Keep it relevant: Use hashtags that are related to your post to attract the right audience.

Mix it up: Try using a mix of popular hashtags and niche ones to reach a broader audience while still targeting your specific niche.

Create your own: Consider creating your own branded hashtags to promote your brand or specific campaigns.

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Here are 25 popular Instagram hashtags in 2024

#love: With over 2.1 billion posts, #love remains a timeless favorite.

#instagood: Garnering 1.7 billion posts, #instagood captures positive moments.

#instagram: The platform’s own hashtag boasts 1.2 billion posts.

#fashion: For style enthusiasts, #fashion has 1.1 billion posts.

#photooftheday: With 1 billion posts, this hashtag celebrates daily snapshots.

#photography: A hub for photographers, #photography has 1 billion posts.

#beautiful: Appreciating beauty, this hashtag has 833 million posts.

#nature: Nature lovers unite with 798 million posts under this tag.

#picoftheday: For standout pictures, #picoftheday boasts 726 million posts.

#travel: Wanderlust finds expression in 717 million travel-related posts.

#instadaily: Daily moments are captured in 659 million posts.

#style: Fashion-forward individuals share their #style with 652 million posts.

#tbt (Throwback Thursday): Nostalgia reigns with 585 million throwback posts.

#repost: Sharing others’ content? Use #repost with 561 million posts.

#happy: Spreading joy, #happy has 537 million posts.

#cute: For adorable moments, #cute boasts 529 million posts.

#viral: Trending content gets tagged with 514 million posts.

#memes: Humor and relatability come together in 502 million meme posts.

#likeforlikes: Seeking engagement? Use #likeforlikes with 498 million posts.

#explorepage: Aspiring to be featured? Tag #explorepage with 485 million posts.

#positivevibes: Spreading positivity, #positivevibes has 472 million posts.

#foodporn: Culinary delights are celebrated with 459 million posts.

#fitness: Fitness enthusiasts share their journey with 456 million posts.

#sunrise: Capturing the dawn, #sunrise has 445 million posts.

#sunset: Bidding farewell to the day, #sunset boasts 441 million posts.

Here is the list of the most popular hashtags under different topics and categories

Evergreen Hashtags

Explore timeless hashtags that continue to dominate:

#love: With over 2.1 billion posts, love remains a favorite.

#instagood: Capturing positive moments with 1.7 billion posts.

#instagram: The platform’s own hashtag boasting 1.2 billion posts.

Niche and Trending Hashtags

Dive into specific interests and trends:

#fashion: A hub for style enthusiasts (1.1 billion posts).

#photooftheday: Celebrating daily snapshots (1 billion posts).

#photography: For photography lovers (1 billion posts).

Lifestyle and Inspiration

Explore lifestyle-related hashtags:

#beautiful: Appreciating beauty (833 million posts).

#nature: Uniting nature lovers (798 million posts).

#picoftheday: Showcasing standout pictures (726 million posts).

Viral and Engagement-Driven Hashtags

Discuss hashtags that encourage interaction:

#travel: Wanderlust expressed in 717 million travel-related posts.

#instadaily: Capturing daily moments (659 million posts).

#style: Sharing fashion-forward looks (652 million posts).

Throwback and Reposts

Nostalgia and sharing others’ content:

#tbt (Throwback Thursday): Nostalgic throwback posts (585 million posts).

#repost: Sharing content from fellow users (561 million posts).

Positivity and Joy

Spreading good vibes:

#happy: Joyful moments (537 million posts).

#cute: Adorable content (529 million posts).

#positivevibes: Promoting positivity (472 million posts).

Food, Fitness, and Nature

Specific interests:

#foodporn: Celebrating culinary delights (459 million posts).

#fitness: Sharing fitness journeys (456 million posts).

#sunrise and #sunset: Capturing natural beauty (445 million and 441 million posts, respectively).

Don’t underestimate the power of hashtags. Take the time to research and use relevant tags that resonate with your content and audience. Explore new tags, engage with popular ones, and watch as your Instagram experience transforms into a vibrant tapestry of discovery and connection.

Remember, using the right hashtags can enhance your Instagram experience and connect you with a wider audience. So, go ahead, #explore, #engage, and #connect.



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