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One of the best ways to increase Reddit Karma is by posting good content. You can do this by upvoting, commenting on rising content, and answering questions. If you ask good questions, they will be answered by fellow users, which will, in turn, increase your comment karma. You can also find some subreddits that are dedicated to giving Karma. One of the best is r/FreeKarma4U, which lets you upvote posts automatically. Members of this subreddit also often upvote comments on other posters, which is an excellent way to increase your comment karma.

Commenting on rising content

Commenting on rising content can help you gain more Karma and visibility. When you reply to comments, you will increase the number of comments you receive and your comment karma. Remember, you need to be polite! Don’t become a “karma farmer” and post low-quality content.


Start with smaller subreddits. You can comment on posts that are rising within these communities. Also, make sure to read the rules of each community before you make a post. Violation of even one rule can land you in trouble with multiple communities. So, before you start commenting on rising content, read the rules of each subreddit.

Reddit karma isn’t the same as a reward, such as money or prizes. Karma is a symbol of your goodwill and helps determine how popular content is on Reddit. While it’s not a measure of your popularity, many people enjoy seeing their total karma rise. To give or receive points, you must have a Reddit account.


One of the best ways to increase your Reddit karma is by engaging with the people who comment on your posts. This will help you build a reputation for being a helpful and thoughtful user. Ensure you keep your responses polite and relevant. It’s not good to become a karma farmer by posting irrelevant, low-quality content.

You can also use “karma increasers” to help increase your score. While they may be helpful in the short term, relying on them exclusively is not great. You’ll want to concentrate on the more mainstream system instead. Following these tips can improve your Karma and become more influential on Reddit.

First, you should know that your Karma on Reddit depends on how frequently you upvote and comment on other people’s posts. To become more influential on Reddit, you should make relevant and valuable posts and comments and upvote others’ posts. The more you post on Reddit, the higher your Karma will be.

Submitting links

One way to boost your Reddit karma is to submit links to relevant subreddits. The more relevant your content, the more votes you will get. Make sure you submit quality content. Other subreddits will reward you with votes if your content is interesting and helpful. Also, make sure you respond to comments from subreddits.

When submitting a link to a forum on Reddit, be sure to use a catchy title. Avoid being too promotional or vague; the community will mark it as spam. Try to be as informative and interesting as possible, but avoid posting links to gossip sites.

Creating a unique and quality link will help you earn more Karma on Reddit. Posting a link to a relevant topic on Reddit can be helpful, but you should avoid spamming. Reddit users are very vigilant about spammers and will ban them from their subreddits if they notice it. Luckily, Reddit uses a user reputation system known as Karma, which you should build before you start posting links. If you have low karma, your post will be marked as spam.

Commenting on questions

One of the best ways to increase your Karma on Reddit is by commenting on questions. If you answer the question thoughtfully, you will be rewarded with more Reddit karma. However, do not make a generic comment, as this will receive a low number of upvotes. Rather, make insightful, relevant comments that are interesting and original. Reddit users enjoy reading comments that are both interesting and informative.

While some “karma increasers” can help you earn a higher score faster, they are not the only way to increase Karma on Reddit. It’s also important to remember that Karma is not a monetary value and cannot be exchanged for anything. Even though you can earn a lot more Karma than you’ll ever need, it’s worth focusing on the mainstream system if you want to be a high earner.

While replying to comments and questions on Reddit increases Reddit Karma, you should read the rules for your subreddit. It is against the rules of Reddit to request an upvote and post posts asking for upvotes. In most cases, you’ll receive a downvote. Therefore, if you want to increase your Karma on Reddit, you should reply to comments as much as possible. It’s similar to a real-life conversation.

How Karma plays an important role on Reddit?

Karma is an important factor when you’re trying to post on Reddit. It’s used as a proxy for the quality of your contributions. While you can post on any subreddit, there are specific requirements for posting and commenting. The moderators of the subreddit determine these requirements. Karma points are not an end in themselves, but they’re used as a way to rank contributions and make them more visible.

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